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Effect of AZS refractory brick / fused zirconium corundum brick on glass kiln

Date:2020-03-09 11:30 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
AZS refractory brick is also called fused zirconium corundum brick. It is made by melting the raw materials completely, casting them in a mold, cooling and solidifying. Mainly used in glass furnaces. Special attention should be paid to the shrinkage caused by the volume shrinkage during the condensation process. The casting methods of AZS refractory bricks are ordinary casting, inclined casting, non-shrinkage casting and quasi-non-shrinkage casting. Different casting methods can be used in various parts of ceramic frit kiln, soda kiln and glass kiln. It is erosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. At present, the commonly used pouring method is electrofusion oxidation casting.
There are three important driving forces for the change and development of AZS refractory bricks. First, glass manufacturers usually need to change glass quality supply and demand in order to keep it to a minimum. The second glass furnace is financially required to make the furnace run longer, and the third is the impact of the pure oxygen combustion system. These three requirements usually determine the refractory brick selection and modification during the kiln repair. These dynamics have also prompted glass manufacturers to choose refractory products during maintenance of their furnaces and to introduce new skills when operating cycles for extensive repairs.
The application of melt-casting composite aluminum bricks that have melted the top of the pool has established its application, and important melting high-quality glass pure oxygen combustion furnace furnaces have been applied. The introduction of pure oxygen combustion skills. In the past, only β ˉ compound aluminum bricks were used for the top structure of the melting pool, and no molten cast compound aluminum bricks were used on the top of the melting pool. Nowadays, regardless of βˉAluminum or α-βAluminum melt-casting products, some or all of the furnace roofs are used to produce canned films (screen cones), float glass, and borosilicate glass pure oxygen combustion tank furnaces. Melt-cast AZS bricks can generally be used at 1600 ° C or 1650 ° C (for glass products), while electric melting aluminum bricks can be used at 1700 ° C to build the furnace roof. This creates a better premise and greater activity for glass manufacturers when producing refractory glass. AZS refractory brick, high alumina brick, castable, square brick, high temperature cement, high temperature fire mud, acid resistant brick. It has strong vitality in the use of glass kiln.

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