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Introduction of price and physical and chemical indicators of anti-stripping high alumina brick

Date:2020-02-26 14:57 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Anti-stripping high-alumina bricks are made by adding raw materials inconsistent with high-alumina bauxite to high-aluminum. Using the principle of double-phase toughening, micro-cracks are produced in the product structure and the product is improved in thermal shock stability. Its characteristics are resistance to spalling and softening temperature under load. High, mainly used in large and medium-sized rotary kiln tail and decomposition furnace.
Next, we introduce the price and physical and chemical indicators of anti-stripping high alumina bricks:
High alumina bauxite is used as the main raw material, a small amount of ZrO2 is introduced (the phase change between monoclinic and tetragonal ZrO2 can improve the thermal shock stability of refractory bricks), and a certain amount of composite binder and additives are added. The granular gradation of the mud, the refractory products made by molding and high temperature firing become anti-stripping high alumina bricks.
The anti-stripping mechanism is due to the micro-structural characteristics of ZrO2 after the introduction of ZrO2.
① There are obvious micro-cracks around the ZrO2 aggregate, and the aggregate has obvious gap peeling with the surrounding corundum and mullite.
② The well-developed ZrO2 aggregates are columnar and form a layered distribution in space. There are small slits between ZrO2 and their size is only 1 to 5 μm, forming a channel structure. This kind of structure is superimposed in layers and twists and turns, which is conducive to stress transmission and dispersion.
③ Mullite develops well and is fibrous, staggered in space with ZrO2 and corundum, forming a composite reinforced structure. Obviously, ZrSiO4 reacts with the surrounding A12O3 when it decomposes at high temperature to form ZrO2 and mullite. The presence of ZrO2 crystals prevents the growth of fibrous mullite crystals and plate-column corundum, and it is surrounded by them. Random layer status.
④ Lithofacies analysis shows that the corundum and mullite structures are staggered, and ZrO2 is interspersed with microcracks in the surroundings. The larger ZrO2 crystals have radial microcracks in and around them.
The above-mentioned structure of anti-stripping high alumina brick will have the effect of energy dissipation when under stress, and improve the thermal stability and high temperature strength. The raw materials used are high-alumina bauxite, zircon sand, bonded clay and so on. Anti-stripping high alumina bricks should have higher load softening temperature, good high-temperature structural performance, good thermal shock stability, strong erosion resistance, excellent spalling resistance, alkali corrosion resistance, and low thermal conductivity.

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