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Do you know how to Introduction the manufacture and performance of corundum bricks

Date:2020-03-13 11:36 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Product description: Aluminum silicon refractory products with corundum as the main crystal phase. Corundum bricks have excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, good resistance to erosion and abrasion.
Product raw materials: Natural hydrous aluminum oxides include gibbsite, gibbsite, etc. These hydrates can be heated to dehydrate to obtain alumina (γ-Al2O3). After heating to 1450 ° C, it is converted into corundum (α-Al2O3). Because natural corundum and natural pure gibbsite have very few reserves in nature. Therefore, industrial alumina is used as a raw material for the production of corundum. The industrial alumina produced is mainly α-Al2O3. The volume shrinkage rate when converting from γ-Al2O3 to α-Al2O3 is 13%. In order to keep the α-Al2O3 grains intact, the raw materials need to be processed at a higher temperature. After high temperature firing, the α-Al2O3 grains can grow 25 to 40 times.
Product manufacturing process: Corundum bricks are divided into 3 types: fused cast corundum bricks, fused corundum re-sintered bricks, and sintered corundum bricks. Fused-cast corundum bricks are made by melting industrial alumina, a small amount of soda ash and quartz powder in an electric arc furnace, and then subjecting them to casting, annealing and other processes, and finally machining them into the required shape and size. The fused corundum re-sintered brick is made of pulverized fused corundum particles and fine powder, a small amount of clay and a binder are added, and after being fully mixed, it is formed by a brick press. Brick density is 2.75 ~ 2.85g / cm3. The brick is dried and fired at 1700 ~ 1800 ℃.
Corundum bricks are made of dense fused alumina, micro-alumina powder, etc. as the main raw materials, mechanically mixed under high pressure, and fired at high temperature. The purity of corundum sand and the technological formula are used to meet the requirements of the temperature of different corundum products.
Product performance (Function of product):
 1. Heavy materials have good compactness, high compressive strength, resistance to various corrosive gases, good thermal shock stability, excellent thermal conductivity, and wear resistance.
 2. The lightweight material has a uniform internal structure, high compressive strength, erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, high use temperature, and low thermal conductivity.
Mainly used in high temperature industrial furnace lining, kiln car brick, push plate, furnace, muffle furnace lining, etc.

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