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Thermal insulation technology of corundum brick can improve production efficiency

Date:2017-05-18 18:01 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Insulation technology of corundum brick can reduce the equipment's useless heat loss, thereby enhancing the heat energy utilization efficiency of equipment, to promote the furnace in the direction of light-duty, to improve labor productivity.
Due to the thermal conductivity and strength of corundum brick are lower than dense brick, the thermal shock resistance also reduced significantly, the porosity is the greater,  the reduction is the more. Burning additive brick, especially adding granular material is better than bubble of thermal shock resistance of light refractory brick, however, a large number of the type size of lightweight corundum refractory brick (230 mm * 120 mm * 65 mm) heated to 1300 ℃, just stand up to 1-2 times heat exchange, it is difficult to adapt to the conditions of use. At the same time to confirm that it is cooling formed early cracks and broken part volume increase, to make light corundum brick improve the insulation performance.
General thermal equipment, from the energy conservation, improving working conditions, take insulation is necessary. However, for some equipment to consider the advantages and disadvantages of insulation, do not have to take insulation measures. Therefore, from the reality, on the base that grasps the characteristics of insulation refractory brick, correctly choose to use properly heat insulation refractory brick, to achieve the desired purpose.

Application principles of corundum brick are:
1. After thermal equipment to take insulation measures, should not affect the life of the entire refractory masonry.
2. For continuous operation of high-temperature furnace, the general large area of ​​insulation is reasonable, can reduce heat loss. But a few special parts, such as flat furnace roof, when the insulation measures affect the life of the furnace, should not be insulated. For the kiln furnace, the heat loss is the main factor of its heat loss. If the heat loss caused by the increase of the temperature of the masonry is more than the heat loss in the non-insulated condition, it is not necessary insulation.
3. As the insulation corundum brick has high porosity, in the use of corundum brick can not withstand excessive load, but also to avoid contact with molten metal, slag and high temperature dust.
4. Insulation corundum brick's strength is lower. When masonry insulation refractory brick, the slit and expansion joints to be properly arranged, so as to avoid the expansion of the masonry due to expansion. Insulated corundum brick should not be subjected to strong mechanical shock, impact and friction.
5. Re-burning line shrinkage of heat insulation corundum brick is large, the highest use temperature is 100 ℃ lower than sintering temperature, must not exceed the allowable temperature.
6. Corundum brick's thermal shock stability is poorer. When using insulated corundum brick masonry lining, the temperature rise and fall speed should not be too fast, otherwise the lining cracking damage.

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