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The wear resistance test analysis of corundum brick

Date:2017-05-03 17:31 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Corundum brick is industrial alumina as the main raw material, including alumina content> 90%, belongs to high alumina content of refractory brick. Corundum brick's physical

and chemical property is very good, today we talk about the wear resistance test analysis of corundum brick.

Wear resistance is the refractory material resistance to hard material friction, impact, grinding capacity, so the wear resistance is the higer,  the performance of refractory material

is the better, we can analyze practicability in wear erosion environment by wear resistance of corundum brick.

The wear resistance of corundum brick depends on the composition of the minerals, the structure and the density of the particles. Therefore, when producing, the quality of the

aggregate, the composition of the mud and the degree of sintering of the material will affect the wear resistance of the corundum brick. Good room temperature pressure, low

porosity materials made of corundum brick has better wear resistance.

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