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The Development of Refractory Brick

Date:2017-03-30 17:32 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
In recent 20 years, due to the implementation of large-scale blast furnace in iron and steel industry, the oxygen steelmaking, refining furnace, ingot casting, continuous and automatic operation and a series of technical policies, promote the development of the refractory material industry. Main mark as follows: adopt high quality raw materials, high pressure molding, high temperature firing, so to improve product quality, varieties increase. High-grade refractory material, especially the monolithic refractories and refractory fiber development are rapid, commonly used. Corundum Block production technology and automation level, and labor productivity are improved.

The unshaped shape refers to the unshaped refractory material including the refractory mud, the high aluminum brick includes the high alumina brick, the corundum brick and the mullite brick and so on, the alkali brick refers to the magnesia brick, the magnesia chrome brick, the dolomite brick and the periclase brick and so on. The output of United States and Japan is around 400 million tons, and there is sharp drop trend. The output of alkaline brick accounted for little change of the total output of refractory material, generally is 10-21%. The proportion of silica brick decreased slightly, the proportion of high-alumina brick increased slightly, mainly the output of corundum brick and mullite brick increased. Silicon carbide brick, graphite brick, carbon brick and zirconium brick and other varieties, the development rapid is faster, the proportion is generally 2-8%, the output of fire clay brick and other refractory material will be greatly reduced, has been hailed as the second generation of refractory unshaped refractory material, the development rapid is fastest. in fifteen years, its output has risen to around a third of the total output of refractory material, some countries have reached more than 40%, and it is roughly equal with the proportion of sintering refractory brick.

In addition, has been hailed as the third generation of refractory fiber refractories, starting from around 1970, has achieved the high-speed development. In 1969, the output of refractory fiber in the world is about ten thousand tons, in 1979, has reached 45000 tons. 

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