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The Index Meaning Of Corundum Block

Date:2017-08-11 11:01 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Bulk density: Bulk density is an indicator of weight for unit volume brick which means the weight is divided by the total volume. The weight can be weighed in the air directly, volume is a measure of the amount of space that an object takes up. Bulk density is a useful property of corundum block which defines the material present in a given volume. An increase in bulk density of corundum block will increase its volume stability, heat capacity, as well as resistance to slag penetration.
Porosity: Porosity is a measure of the amount of void space inside a brick. This void space can be between grains or within cracks or cavities of the brick. Apparent porosity is an important index to evaluate the quality of refractory bricks, as it does not only reflect the density of refractory, but also reflect whether the manufacturing process is reasonable or not.
Refractoriness under load: Refractoriness under load is also called load deformation temperature, which means the resistance ability to high temperature and load at the same time when refractory is under certain load, and also means the softening temperature range while refractory bricks show obvious plastic deformation. Refractoriness under load is an important mechanical property index.
Refractoriness: Refractoriness means the temperature that multiphase of refractory reaches to a specific degree of softening when at high temperature, which shows the ability of resistance to high temperature. However, it is different from melting point, melting point is the balance temperature between solid and liquid crystal.
Cold Crushing Strength: Cold crushing strength represents the ultimate load that unit area can bear while at a certain temperature. It is an important index of refractory which can reflects the structure of brick. Generally, the higher the cold crushing strength of a refractory is, the greater should be the resistance to abrasion and slag attack.
 Permanent Linear Change: Linear change on reheating means that the size of refractory products is irreversible changed when the refractory products are heated to high temperature. A positive value indicates expansion which is called expansion of linear change on reheating; negative value indicates contraction which is called contraction of linear change on reheating.
Thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity means that under a stable heat transfer condition, the heat transmits through 1 square meters area when keeping the temperature difference between two sides of the surface is 1 degree in1m thick material. Low thermal conductivity refractory is called as insulation refractory, high thermal conductivity refractory has excellent thermal ability.

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